Terms and Conditions

The service, conduct and interactions between and by the clients and site shall be governed by the terms and services as explained here by us. These terms are constituted with great research and considerations from us to make sure that the relationship between the client and site continues to be without any hiccups.

The terms shall also be revised from time to time as deemed fit by us and it is your responsibility to read the terms as and when you visit the site to ensure that you understand agree with them.

In case you don’t read the terms and yet continue to use the site, you give your consent and agree to be abided by all terms here.

Terms of copyright

Any and all types of content—written or otherwise—images, videos, reviews, logos, designs, programming, codes and any others are under our sole ownership. The trademarks given on our website are solely ours unless owned by any other company, organization or service providers; and these can never be used in relations with the services or products that aren’t offered by us.

Terms on contact information

We are available 24x7 to be contacted by our customers via phone, email, live chat or even by filling our contact form out.

Terms on payment procedures

When a client is placing an order with us, the payment for the same must be done in advance. In case of delay in service deliverance, it could be the result of delayed payment remittance. Clients can make the payment through the online payment gateway systems we have in our system directly onto our bank account. The payment methods we have are safe, reliable and quicker. In case the client needs our bank account details, it can be availed from the customer service team.

Terms on personal information

While we don’t otherwise reveal any information regarding our clients to any third-party, we shall be inclined to share the details only in the event of them being requested by a law enforcing agency, court and other governmental bodies.

Terms of limitation of liability

We would like to let the customers know here that we shall not be liable for any damages or losses caused by the use or misuse of the services and products offered by us.

Terms on modification of the site

We shall have absolute right to make any changes to the site, its content, the terms and policies as deemed fit by us.

Terms on data protection

We are committed to protect the data, personal details and information shared by the clients to us. As such, we have fortified our systems with thorough and state-of-the-art data protection systems, policies and terms to protect the details of the customers till the same being required by a law enforcing agency or court of law.

If you have any concerns regarding these terms, please contact our team for clarifications.

In case you aren’t comfortable with these terms and do not have any intention of being abided by the same, you are advised against using our services.