How to Write 3,000 Word Essay in a Day?

How to Write 3,000 Word Essay in a Day

You hate procrastination but the other priorities always come in the way of your writing. Don’t they? The fact that you reached out to this blog proves you are lazy. The looming deadline is now pushing you to complete the essay you couldn’t write in an entire month in a single day. There is no need to worry because a 3,000-word dissertation or essay is doable. While you are agonizing over the big word count, a shrewd student is creating the outline of his essay.

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1.Keep Your Energy Up – Since you are going to work for long hours, starting your day with a meal will prepare you for the time ahead. Being empty stomach will divert your attention to hunger reducing your working efficiency. The first and foremost thing you must do is – make your tummy happy with some nutritious food. Also, prepare some healthy snack you can devour on between the writing sessions. Fill your water bottle and keep it beside your desk.

2. Equipment – Roaming around the house searching for a stationary item you need or your books can eat a lot of your time. Gather the supplies at one place where you feel comfortable to write, probably your desk. If you are typing the essay, your laptop, an internet connection and books for references are the only supplies you will need. For a student writing an essay on paper, the stationary is vital. If you feel the family members are constantly disturbing you, then go to the library.

3. Eliminate Distractions – Phone notifications can break your flow of writing. Concentrating on your work is easy in the absence of distractors. Switch off the phone; if you are working on the computer, block the site you feel an urge to check and deactivate your social media accounts for a day.

4. Write a Timeline – This might seem silly at first but creating a timeline is setting yourself for the mini-wins which will help you cover the essay without feeling exhausted. Divide the process into different parts: topic selection, research, drafting, editing, and proofreading. Mention the time in which you have to complete these stages.

5. Choosing Your Topic – Whether it is UG essay, a PhD thesis or a PG dissertation, the writing assignment always starts will a question. You explore the subject further and answer the question in your conclusion. As you are already close to the deadline, you don’t have the time and energy to learn about a new topic. Start with something you already know.

6. Plan Your Essay – Once you are clear on the topic question of the essay, you must create a small outline of the points you will cover in the essay. Write the key arguments for every paragraph along with the supporting arguments in points. This gives you a rough structure to follow during your write-up. You wouldn’t have to waste time thinking about what should be the next point in the series. Now you can decide what to put into the introduction and conclusion. Leave a bracket [ add information later ] at the places where you need data to support your arguments. The professional writers at university assignment writing services also create a plan before starting a write-up.

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7. Reference materials – The most important part of the essay writing process is research. References are a central aspect which influences the quality of your essay. You must collect the information you present from authentic sources. If you are studying the work of a particular author, don’ t read anything that is out of your essay’s scope. Students often go overboard with the topic. They don’t realise the essay is becoming irrelevant until they have finished the writing. Limiting your research to the right resource is the key here. If you are doing your research online, use Google scholar instead of generic google search or this query –[insert your search terms here]. This query lands you on educational sites only. Don’t forget to note the name of the site you are referring to for the bibliography section.

8. Churning Out the Essay – Crafting an essay doesn’t require perfection. You can refine your essay and remove the fluff later on. Right now scribbling/ typing what you read during the research into the paper/computer screen is the key. Use the outline as a starting point and type whatever comes to mind. Don’t worry if the writing isn’t organized, you can reorder the paragraph after finishing the essay. If you are short on words use quotations, examples, different viewpoints or paraphrase the main argument. Remember to mention the sources to avoid plagiarism. Write the final thoughts in the conclusion section. Craft an enticing intro and conclusion to impress the professors as they will certainly read these two first.

9. Editing – Take a small break between writing and editing. Read your essay in reverse order to find grammatical errors. Randomly choose paragraphs, read and see if they make sense. Feel you don’t have the time to polish your essay? Take assistance from the university assignment writing services.

The above-mentioned nine steps are useful for finishing the dissertation too. Still, if you feel you lag in assignment, feel free to take dissertation writing help from our expert writers.

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