How to Pick a Dissertation Topic?

How to Pick a Dissertation Topic?

Are you choosing a topic for the first time? Have zero knowledge of dissertations? Read on for dissertation writing help.

What exactly is a dissertation?

By the end of a postgraduate degree program the students are asked to research a topic on a broader basis & present their findings in a written format known as a dissertation, also called thesis sometimes.

The examiner uses the write-up to identify the level of understanding the students has gained on the topic. Most of the students are assigned a supervisor who guides them in the selection of the topic, during their first draft and after the completion. The dissertation is submitted to the research committee of the college. Though, student are advised completing the write-ups on their own, dissertation writing services is a handy option for those who haven’t developed their writing skills.

A dissertation can be divided into three parts –


If you aren’t assigned a supervisor you’ll have to start everything from scratch. Before beginning with the dissertation you should write the proposal first. The lecturers who have expertise in the field will read it and decide whether the topic is worth your time. In case the proposal is disapproved you will have to pick another idea. Even if the lecturers don’t ask you to write a proposal, prefer writing because it services as an outline for the long dissertation.

Close to the deadline? Alternately, you can take dissertation writing help from the niche experts to excel in your thesis.

How to choose a topic for a dissertation?

While some of the students have a clear idea from the beginning of the topic others hardly know. You can choose a topic which is relevant to the syllabus & arouses curiosity in you. Below are some guidelines to help you select a good topic –

1.Check past year abstracts – Go through the abstracts of the top-rated dissertations. What is the question the author has answered? Can you add any different angle to them? Understand the intent and motivation of the author behind the research paper. Reading a few abstracts will help you in grasping the basics.

2. Discuss your topic with others – Along with your fellow classmates discuss the questions you have come up with to the lecturers. Their queries, opinions and comments will give you a new perspective on the subject.

3. Feasibility – Is it viable to perform research on the topic? The topic you choose should have the potential to be explored in detail. To write some of the papers you are required to attain practical knowledge. For example – If you are writing about the ill-effects of mining on the coal workers in the country, you might have to conduct a site visit. You should be willing to spend money on travelling expenses to complete the thesis.

4. Commitment – A thesis consists of a minimum of 50 pages and can reach a length or 250 pages. Therefore, the writer should have the internal motivation towards the topic till the end.

5. Sticking to one idea – Sometimes the students have several ideas in mind, picking a single one is challenging. You must focus in one direction to reduce the time spend on choosing the topic. Read some text and try to dive deeper into each of the topics, the one you find most fascinating to read is ideal for you to pick.

Both the internal and external examiners will value originality in the research paper. The idea that strikes you for the first time might have been explored by your seniors in past. Check the previously published paper, if your topic clashes with someone else, try to use an entirely different approach. You can also take help from dissertation writing services for coming up with a topic and polishing the thesis you have already written.


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