Dos and Don’ts of Referencing for Your Academic Paper

Dos and Don’ts of Referencing for Your Academic Paper

Before you start working on your college assignment, there are a few important things that you must know about citation – where you will list all the sources and authors that you have read to write your paper. Here are a few dos and don’ts that will guide you:


Follow university guidelines

You cannot randomly list all the sources and authors that you have read for your assignment. Simply listing and acknowledging them is not enough. You have to follow certain rules and format that are followed in your college. There are several citation styles, such as Harvard, APA, MLA, Chicago, etc. You need to use the method that is acceptable in your university and as directed by your teacher. Remember that the way you cite the source is more important than simply naming the books, website or journal. Therefore, stick to your college guidelines and in case you seek university assignment writing services, then mention the style that you have to abide by so that academic writers can work on your paper accordingly.

Check the format

Most students believe that there is hardly any variation between different citation style. The format is almost the same. So, they often have a look at a random method and follow it in all their assignments. Are you on the same wavelength? Then you cannot be more wrong. Every referencing style is different with its set of rules and specific structure. Even a little mistake of a comma can risk your grades and you might fail your assessment. Hence, you must always check the format and stick to it while listing the sources. Also, there are different rules to cite books, online articles, newspaper, journals, interviews, etc. Be careful while listing the distinct sources.

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Cite all the source

If you think that citing direct quotes and statistics is enough, then you are certainly wrong. College-goers often focus on acknowledging the sources that they think is important and ignore the authors that they think is not that significant. They mostly focus on statistics and definitions, neglecting the interview statements, data, news, etc. However, it must be remembered that from one line to a quote to official announcement to table, everything must be listed in your reference page. If you find it difficult to prepare a citation list, then seek online assignment help from professionals who have years of experience under their belt and are familiar with all the citation styles.


Cite unreliable sources

You might have read numerous books and websites to collect information for your paper. However, not all of them are trustworthy and authentic. For example, the facts that you read on Wikipedia is not always reliable as any person can edit the information on that page. So, it’s better to cross-check the detail before you mention them in your paper and name the source which is can be trusted. You have to make sure that your teacher doesn’t question the facts and evidence that you have used in support of your argument. Moreover, if you find any contradictory statement, then read credible books or sites to confirm the truth or eliminate that particular point. Your bibliography must be impressive and reliable if you want to earn high scores.

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Ignore the rules

There is nothing more important or less important when it comes to referencing. From a comma to writer’s name to page number to edition, every detail is significant to mention in the citation. So, when you list all the sources, stick to the rules and structure that has been given online or as directed by your professor. Do not hesitate to take university assignment writing services if you get stuck at any point.

Leave it to the last minute

If you think that you can list all the sources in the end, then you might be highly mistaken. You need to prepare the list from the beginning and keep track of all the books and articles that you have read. This will make your work easier at the end when you just have copy the sources rather than going through all of them again. Also, the referencing takes a lot of time so leaving it at the 11th hour might delay the submission too. However, if tight deadlines are hovering over your head, then prefer taking online assignment help from experienced academic writers.

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