5 Brain Exercises for Students to Ensure Academic Growth

Students are often asked to take care of their physical health and eat fresh fruits and vegetables to maintain a healthy boassdy. However, people rarely focus on mental health which is as important as your physical health. So, here are 5 exercises to keep your mind sound:

Learn something new

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We know that college comes with a plethora of tasks and students hardly have enough time for themselves let alone learning something new. There is a load to complete your account assignment, the pressure to meet your deadlines, have to take an active part in college clubs, revise your notes regularly, etc. However, you must try to take out at least an hour or two every weekend to learn something new and meet new people. This will activate your brain and you will understand how to keep things in mind. You can learn to play the guitar, tricks to solve your practical questions, sports, and much more.

Sleep enough

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We all know how students compromise on their sleep to complete their tasks on time and to submit their assignments within the deadline. They hardly take 5-7 hours of sleep which is an average time that every student must sleep for. If you are also in the same boat, then it’s high time that you better watch your schedule. This lack of sleep is affecting your mind and body and pushing you toward stress and depression. Seek assignment help, join study groups, and maintain a timetable and stick to it so that you don’t have to spend sleepless nights on your papers.

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Take care of your physical health

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To ensure a sound mind, you must have a healthy body. So, how do you plan to achieve both? Well, it is through the proper workout and physical training. Join a sports club, meditate for an hour every day, do yoga, run or jog in the evening or early morning. These physical exercises will keep your physical and mental health intact and you will be able to concentrate more on your studies and stay fresh. You can ask your friends to join you as it will keep you a company and you will have the motivation to go on.

Give some peace to your mind

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There are times when we want to run away somewhere isolated and shout at top of our voice. This is the time when we are frustrated and stressed, we get tangled in the complexities of academic life. Well, you need some peace and for that, you need to get involved in some activity, such as writing, reading, dancing, etc. We know that you have submission deadline hovering over your head for your account assignment, but keep those worries at bay by seeking writing help from professionals and earn some ‘me’ time for yourself.

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Solve puzzles

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Do you remember how you used to solve those tricky puzzles in your school days? It was fun and interesting. Although they looked complicated and impossible at first, as you start solving them, the answer seems to be obvious. But as you grew up, you got busy with other things, leaving this excellent brain exercise aside. So, adopt this habit again and get engaged in some exciting puzzles. You can install an app or buy puzzle books or subscribe to a website which offers such quizzes. We know that it can be time-consuming, but that is what assignment help is for – to get you rid of stress and workload.

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The 3 Disadvantages of Technology in Education

No doubt technology is nothing less than a kiss of fortune for everything that eyes could meet and the mind perceives. From archeology to medical science and military to national and international peace programs, if one has to pick one thing that has made human efforts effective and efficient than ever, than technology will emerge as the clear winner by unanimous decision. Education, from k-12 to college to research levels, too has been one of the benefactors. Smart Boards have replaced the conventional black and green ones and note-taking is now no more a love-hate relationship between pen and paper. Professors and lecturers are now assigning engineering assignments even to those who students that didn’t have the time to attend other lectures, all thanks to e-mails and various other management software that colleges and universities use for academic management. A student sitting in Canada can now talk and ask for solutions to his queries from an Australian college professor in no time. All hail and thanks to the Internet. However, even with so many advantages, advances, and ease, there are some disadvantages of technology in education.

If computers, tablets, smartphones, wi-fi, and all such gadgets and technology has taken us ahead in the way we impart and receive knowledge, then the need of looking back at whatever big or small we have lost due to such disruption is now upon us. There are not one or two, but several disadvantages of technology in education, imploring policymakers and other stakeholders to rethink what progress we have done till now, and what route should be taken to ensure that the progress stays en route. So let us look at and asses 3 biggest negative impacts of technology in education that are now more visible than ever.


With 21st century computers have become an integral part of any established and recognized university courses. From note-making to searching and looking at digital course material in real-time, laptops became the norm of any lecture when the college and school committees decided that students should not waste their efforts in carrying hoards of books to their classrooms. The decision paid off, and students don’t need to think twice to decide what books and notebooks to put into their bags anymore. They now have their laptops for everything they would need for their syllabus. However, this comes at a cost. In lieu of giving all the modern facilities like computer labs, smart classrooms, undisturbed internet connectivity, schools and colleges are now charging big amounts under tuition or development fees from their students. So much so, that even the public schools are now slipping out of the reach of many commoners. This is, perhaps, the biggest negative impact of technology in education.

Low Quality of Research

If the last one was the biggest disadvantage of technology in the classroom, then this one bothers teachers and top academic and research scholars the most. Not too long ago, grads had to dive deep into their institutions’ library to get their hands onto the right books to dig out the relevant material for their research. Journals, science dailies, research papers, interviews of eminent scholars of renowned science fraternities were once the most sought after material for research scholars. They still are, but in digital format. This makes the depth of quality of research shallow, as now all a student has to do is to type a particular keyword in his or her browser, and the relevant results pop out in no time. The practice harms the research fields as now students don’t have to go through multiple theories that counter and back each other, depriving the students of the privilege of working with a state of mind that questions every decision of theirs at every step.

Prone to Quacks and Wrong Information

A disadvantage that everyone who has ever used Internet would agree to. Before the year 2000, getting published was no short of a facility, privilege, a royalty that only a distinct and esteemed few had access to. Agreed, technology has brought this right to anyone that has access to even the most basic Internet, but this access is a two-edged sword. If this access allows the right ones to share their gift of knowledge with those deprived, then there are many who are supplying made of information or the copied ones with their name on it. False information today is the biggest challenge today for companies- like Google, Yahoo, and Bing- that own search engines. Students by now have picked up the habit of simply copying the text and images from websites run by self-proclaimed experts, and pasting them for their college assignment or research paper. Similarly, there are many that count themselves among the top homework help services, but pass plagiarized content in the name of original, disadvantages of technology in education for those who refer to such services for getting their college assignments done on time.

Benefits & Drawbacks of Smart Classes

Gone are the days when classes were simply restricted to blackboard and textbooks. Now, we can see the emerging trend of smart classes. Every second school is embracing this technology with open arms. If any of you is alien to this concept and wondering what is smart class, then here is your answer. It is the classroom where learning is made fun with the use of audio and video presentations and rather than a blackboard, teachers impart knowledge through smart boards. However, like everything in the world, it also comes with its negative points. Many experts are divided between the advantages and disadvantages of smart board in classroom. We also did our bit and this is what we concluded:

Benefits of Smart Classes

Anytime Access

As a student, you will realize how challenging it is to remember what has been taught in class. Once the lecture is over and you go back to your hostel room, you can hardly recall all that you have learned the same day in your lecture. Of course, you have made notes but they are illegible as you were writing too fast. Moreover, when you are absent, you have a hard time catching up with what you have missed that day. However, with smart classes, this problem can be easily solved as the content is available on the internet. You have access to the information and data anytime, anywhere. So, one of the most significant benefits of the smart classroom is that knowledge is not restricted to printed material.

Better Understanding

The traditional way of learning was blackboard and notebooks that you need to mug up for hours and days. Well, thanks to smart classes that we are introduced to smart boards that use graphics, pictures, videos and PowerPoint presentations to impart knowledge. With audio-video sessions and screenings, we can clearly witness engaging lectures. As we know that pictures are worth a thousand words. So, when students are taught using interesting images and videos, they tend to comprehend the concepts better and remember them for long. Another significant impact of smart classes in education is that now students don’t have to get distracted while making notes as they can have all the content through various online modes.

Engaging Classes

Another point in the list of smartboard advantages is that it ensures transparency and engaging lectures. While studying through images, videos and audios, students understand the topics better and ask more questions. This leads to discussions and interactions between professor and scholars, making classes engaging and interesting. So, all of you out there, you will be spared from boring lectures and have access to a personalized approach which will certainly improve their knowledge and grades. However, there is still one stumbling block to your success and that is your pending writing work. So, if you think that it can hamper your scores, then seek homework help from professionals.

Drawbacks Of Smart Classes

Technical Hiccups

We all know that technology obsolete with time and even a minor fault can take hours to get fixed. This will waste your valuable time of the lecture and also demand money. Eventually, teachers have to move back to the traditional way of teaching to complete the course on time. We need not say that this will hinder the pace of learning and distract students. So, our first point of negative effects of smartboard in the classroom is technical glitches which are quite common in the technology-based classrooms.

Costly Affair

Technology is evolving every day. No matter how latest tools and gadgets are installed in classes or how much school authorities pay to make the classrooms smart, they will have to shell out to make pace with technological advancement. This might cost a fortune at times and not all educational institutes are able to afford this expense. Of course, there will be cost to hire a permanent technologist who can look after the maintenance of study tools and smartboards. The price may exceed the annual budget and financial concerns may arise.

More Distractions

Schools and colleges are already dealing with the increasing use of mobile phones and other smart gadgets. Now, with smart classes, this challenge will only add to their misery to ensure discipline in class. It will be impossible for teachers and authorities to keep a check on the use of cellphones and to ensure whether students are using the gadgets for their entertainment or learning. Even if they are able to find an effective way, the chances are it will be lengthy, time-consuming and expensive. If you think such distractions are affecting your writing task, then you can take homework assignment help from expert academic writers.

Every good thing comes with a price and technology is no exception to it. Of course, it has made learning easier and we have witnessed some major revolutions in the field. However, we are also facing the negative impacts which are tough to deal with. There are several concerns that one has to think about before adopting technology in the classroom. With wise decision and detailed research, we are sure that educational institutes can make a rational choice.

How to Write 3,000 Word Essay in a Day?

You hate procrastination but the other priorities always come in the way of your writing. Don’t they? The fact that you reached out to this blog proves you are lazy. The looming deadline is now pushing you to complete the essay you couldn’t write in an entire month in a single day. There is no need to worry because a 3,000-word dissertation or essay is doable. While you are agonizing over the big word count, a shrewd student is creating the outline of his essay.

Let’s not waste your time anymore and get started with our fast essay writing guide –

1.Keep Your Energy Up – Since you are going to work for long hours, starting your day with a meal will prepare you for the time ahead. Being empty stomach will divert your attention to hunger reducing your working efficiency. The first and foremost thing you must do is – make your tummy happy with some nutritious food. Also, prepare some healthy snack you can devour on between the writing sessions. Fill your water bottle and keep it beside your desk.

2. Equipment – Roaming around the house searching for a stationary item you need or your books can eat a lot of your time. Gather the supplies at one place where you feel comfortable to write, probably your desk. If you are typing the essay, your laptop, an internet connection and books for references are the only supplies you will need. For a student writing an essay on paper, the stationary is vital. If you feel the family members are constantly disturbing you, then go to the library.

3. Eliminate Distractions – Phone notifications can break your flow of writing. Concentrating on your work is easy in the absence of distractors. Switch off the phone; if you are working on the computer, block the site you feel an urge to check and deactivate your social media accounts for a day.

4. Write a Timeline – This might seem silly at first but creating a timeline is setting yourself for the mini-wins which will help you cover the essay without feeling exhausted. Divide the process into different parts: topic selection, research, drafting, editing, and proofreading. Mention the time in which you have to complete these stages.

5. Choosing Your Topic – Whether it is UG essay, a PhD thesis or a PG dissertation, the writing assignment always starts will a question. You explore the subject further and answer the question in your conclusion. As you are already close to the deadline, you don’t have the time and energy to learn about a new topic. Start with something you already know.

6. Plan Your Essay – Once you are clear on the topic question of the essay, you must create a small outline of the points you will cover in the essay. Write the key arguments for every paragraph along with the supporting arguments in points. This gives you a rough structure to follow during your write-up. You wouldn’t have to waste time thinking about what should be the next point in the series. Now you can decide what to put into the introduction and conclusion. Leave a bracket [ add information later ] at the places where you need data to support your arguments. The professional writers at university assignment writing services also create a plan before starting a write-up.

Are you stuck in the above steps? Get dissertation writing help from our trained writers.

7. Reference materials – The most important part of the essay writing process is research. References are a central aspect which influences the quality of your essay. You must collect the information you present from authentic sources. If you are studying the work of a particular author, don’ t read anything that is out of your essay’s scope. Students often go overboard with the topic. They don’t realise the essay is becoming irrelevant until they have finished the writing. Limiting your research to the right resource is the key here. If you are doing your research online, use Google scholar instead of generic google search or this query – site:.edu[insert your search terms here]. This query lands you on educational sites only. Don’t forget to note the name of the site you are referring to for the bibliography section.

8. Churning Out the Essay – Crafting an essay doesn’t require perfection. You can refine your essay and remove the fluff later on. Right now scribbling/ typing what you read during the research into the paper/computer screen is the key. Use the outline as a starting point and type whatever comes to mind. Don’t worry if the writing isn’t organized, you can reorder the paragraph after finishing the essay. If you are short on words use quotations, examples, different viewpoints or paraphrase the main argument. Remember to mention the sources to avoid plagiarism. Write the final thoughts in the conclusion section. Craft an enticing intro and conclusion to impress the professors as they will certainly read these two first.

9. Editing – Take a small break between writing and editing. Read your essay in reverse order to find grammatical errors. Randomly choose paragraphs, read and see if they make sense. Feel you don’t have the time to polish your essay? Take assistance from the university assignment writing services.

The above-mentioned nine steps are useful for finishing the dissertation too. Still, if you feel you lag in assignment, feel free to take dissertation writing help from our expert writers.

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4 Tips to Write an Effective Thesis Statement

A thesis statement is a paragraph at the beginning that gives a sneak peek into your main topic of the paper and expresses your views. It tells readers what to expect further in the paper and also decides whether they will be interested in reading it more. No wonder, that it is one of the trickiest parts of every academic paper that you have to submit in college. If this part of your dissertation or essay is a stumbling block to your way to submitting a top-notch paper, then we have s solution for you. Here are 4 tips that are followed by our dissertation writing help providers while working on any scholastic document:

Take a stand

Your first two lines should make it clear what is your stand and what you suggest. If you have to put forward your opinion on a specific topic, make sure that you convey your idea clearly in the beginning. Your thesis statement should tell readers what you are supporting and also mention the reason for the same. This will present you as a person with detailed knowledge about the subject and urge them to read further. Yes, expressing your ideas in a few words can be challenging so you can seek dissertation writing services to get a top-notch paper and achieve your dream grades.

Be specific

Your thesis statement should talk about one topic or issue which is related to the main claim. Explain the subject matter in simple words and stick to one specific issue rather than talking about several topics at once. When you express ideas about numerous subjects together, it may confuse the audience and can hamper the readability. Therefore, be specific and make a proper connection between the main topic and what you discuss in this paragraph.

Make it Original

Starting the line with a famous quote or formula statement has become a common trend in academic writing. It is believed that when readers find something familiar in the content, they tend to get hooked with it and read it further. However, dissertation writing help providers contradict the opinion, stating that it affects the credibility and reliability of the writer. They are considered no more than mouthpiece who simply express other’s ideas. You should make it clear from the beginning that all the views and opinions are yours and for that, make sure that you write everything from scratch.

Be clear and concise

Most students think that using fancy words and idioms will improve the quality of their paper which will impress their teachers and fetch them high grades. Yes, it stands true that better vocabulary and excellent writing skills contribute to better scores but only if it is done correctly. Sometimes students use typical words in the wrong context or fail to convey the clear message. When readers couldn’t comprehend what they are saying, it affects their grades. Moreover, make sure that the thesis statement is short and concise, talking about only the main argument.

Your thesis statement is the first impression of your content so you have to work hard and be careful while writing it. However, producing an insightful and unique paper is not a cakewalk and needs a lot of practice. Therefore, if you get stuck anywhere during your task, feel free to avail dissertation writing services from our professional writers who will assist you to submit a paper that is second to none.

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5 Reasons Books Can be the Best Friend That You Always Wished For

Imagine traveling to the most beautiful places around the world, experiencing stunning views and greatest incidents, feeling loved. Sounds amazing, isn’t it? Well, you can live all these moments with a book. Academic life is certainly a strenuous one and you need to be on your toes 24*7 to excel in your studies and other aspects of college life. Amidst a plethora of tasks to deal with, you often need assistance and support tackle your workload. Of course, homework writing service proves to be a great help during hectic schedules. However, they are not enough to make you feel better when you need emotional support and feel lonely, right? Well, in such scenarios, books can be the companion that you always seek. Today, we’ll talk about the importance of books in a student’s life and how they can be the best friend during your academic career and otherwise. Let’s get started:

Books give you a wider perspective

Most of the times, we believe in our thoughts and ideas so much that we ignore that there can be other perspectives too to look at the things. For us, what we believe and think is of utmost importance than anything else. However, with books as our guiding light, we become less judgemental and start accepting other people’s point of view as well. We get a wider perspective and think rationally than being biased or hyper. Most students take homework help online as they are not able to evaluate the topic broadly but with books as their teacher, scholars have an unbiased and better opinion.

They never judge you

In the world, where almost everything is classified in good or bad, white or black, yes or no, books can be the place where you can be what you want to be. You can be any character or even a mix of various characters if you like. You can be grey and have no opinion at all or just close the book whenever you feel like. There will be no one to judge you throughout.

They make you a better person

When you read about different characters and situations, you learn how to stay positive and fight with the challenges instead of running away from them. A best friend is someone who can influence you for good and bring out the best in you. That is what books does. They teach you to be your best and stay positive and motivated even at tough times.

They allow us to express better

Students often hesitate to express themselves, especially if they are emotional or feel like crying. For them, sentiments are a sign of weakness. But that is not true at all and that is what books teach us. There is happiness, sadness, anger, frustration, envy, and other several emotions and we live them with each character. We learn that it is better to express what we feel rather than burying the emotions deep inside.

They never complain

Lastly, friends are those who never complain even if you don’t get enough time for them. You can not read a book for weeks and it will still be the same after days. You can go back to them whenever you feel like and find solace that is difficult to get anywhere else.

Yes, books never complain but your teacher will if you fail to submit your papers on time. Reading books needs time and if you think your pending work is not sparing any ‘me’ time to yourself, then take homework writing service from professional writers. With their homework help online service, you will be able to manage your writing and reading tasks simultaneously. Start spending more time with books and experience a positive change in your life.