4 Essay Types Students Should Know About

Essay writing is an art that you, as a student, have to come across more often. Be it your college application, school or college assignment, or an entrance exam that demands to know your opinions, framing your thoughts accordingly is what this art is all about. But before you do that, you should know of the many ways in which the task should be done, which has to do everything about what kind of essay you wish to write. So let us have a look at 4 essay types there are, along with the necessary guidelines that you should focus on when writing them. You can also consult an essay writing service if you are facing problems when attempting any of the four for, as part of your college assignment or school homework

Narrative Essays

In this, the essayist aims to put a real-life experience from his own life in front of his readers. Also called “The storytelling of essay writing”, narrative essays speak directly to their readers by offering them “pictures” instead of mere words. To build a strong narrative essay, you should come up with words that help you produce humans, objects, and events in your story as vivid as possible. There are 4 elements that you should keep in mind when writing one

  • The events should be in chronological order
  • You may or may not us a dialogue
  • The purpose of writing the essay should be clear in one two or three sentences itself
  • Use “Show, not tell technique”

Persuasive Essays

It is written to make your readers agree with your views. Not an easy feat to achieve, your success lies in you coming up with sound reasoning, logic, expert opinions that support your views, and rational data. The biggest mistake that students often make when writing a persuasive essay is to put forward only the side that supports their views only. Try avoiding such practices as they make your whole piece sound too good be true. What you do instead is to come up with reasons that are against your opinions, and then by using just data you should come up with arguments that make your readers choose you upon everything.

Expository Essays

Expository essays are written to deliver the facts, while also providing the supporting evidence available in the form of data and statements. In total there are six types of expository essays

  1. Cause and effect
  2. Problem-solution
  3. Classification essay
  4. Comparison and contrast
  5. Definition
  6. Process essay (How-to)

Each type has certain dos and don’ts, but one thing remains common that the writer never pushes for his personal opinions or agendas. The essay should be written in the first person, and that’s why the use of the word “I” should be avoided

Descriptive Essays

Both narrative and descriptive essays are similar in a way that they evoke a certain picture in the minds of readers. Both aim to recreate visuals that the writer had in mind at the time of writing, with the help of words that paint a picture of events, objects, or people. What makes a descriptive essay different from a narrative one is it may or not have chronological storytelling, nor does it need to be a real-life experience; both an inseparable element of narrative essay writing. So it’s better you take an essay writing help if you having a hard time differentiating the two.

5 Quick Tips to Write an Argumentative Essay

Want to get admission in the top college of your city? Then you will be required to submit an impressive and effective essay on the given topic. We know that it is not easy to write such an outstanding essay and one needs to do a lot of research and have excellent writing skills to achieve his academic goals. That is the reason that many students seek essay writing service to secure their position and submit a top-notch paper. However, there are many other scholars too who opt for writing their own rather than taking essay writing help. Well, for those students, we always try to suggest tips and points that can help them prepare a top-grade paper. Today we are going to talk about the argumentative essay and its 5 elements that you must remember while writing it.

First, let’s start by understanding what the argumentative essay is. It is a write-up where you present your ideas in favour of something, take a strong stand for it, support the argument with relevant evidence, and state opponents arguments too while contradicting it logically. Now, let’s get started with its elements:


You cannot expect your audience to know everything that you will be talking about in your essay. You might be discussing a political issue, legal matter, an international controversy, etc., in your paper. It is not compulsory that readers know all the significant details about it. They even need to know what are the recent changes and developments that you are using to support your case.

Thesis Statement

You must have heard about thesis statement and its importance in several academic papers. However, when we talk about the argumentative essay, it becomes even more important to give an impressive thesis statement. Here you will state in one line what your argument is and what its significance is. Be clear, precise, and direct and give your views. Make sure that you have done enough research before writing your thesis statement so that you can prove it through evidence.


As you know that this is a content where you will be arguing in support of a topic while contradicting your opponents who might have done extensive research before mentioning the evidence and their opinions. You need to prepare a strong base and get familiar with all the aspects of that topic to put forward a strong argument. You must know all the points and facts that can support your stand and contradict your opponents’. This is possible through detailed research and study that you must conduct before starting the writing process.


Do you think that you will be going to say something and readers will follow it blindly? No matter how great your writing skills are or how well you present your argument if you fail to give enough evidence in support of your argument, then all is in vain. Study all the books, journals, online articles about the subject matter, collect as much evidence as you can and which is sufficient to support your idea, and mention it in your paper. We know that it gets difficult to garner all the evidence and facts, in such case you can take our essay writing service for assistance.


There will be multiple reasonings and opinions in your paper. When readers go through it, they expect a smooth flow from one point to another so that they can understand each view properly. This is done through transitions where you smoothly jump from one point of discussion to the other without ruining the flow of the content. When you discuss one topic, stick to it and mention all the details regarding it before you move on to the next one.

Preparing a powerful and effective argumentative essay can be quite difficult and challenging. You need sufficient time and practice to master the art. So, till you hone your skills, you can avail essay writing help from our proficient writers who ensure timely delivery without compromising on the quality.

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Why Should You Trust Us with Your Descriptive Essay?

The moment you will search essay writing help online, you will get a myriad of options on your screen. Each company and website will claim to be the best in the industry, providing top-notch papers to students and getting you your dream grades. Of course, scholars can opt for any of them to get their work done on time and receive applauds from teachers. However, they select us over our peers and rely on us for their academic papers. Why? Well, we don’t believe in getting involved in a competition and let our work and quality speak for itself. Over the years, we have gained trust and loyalty of our clients by delivering them papers that are second to none. Our college essay writing service is availed by scholars across the world and all thanks to the dedication and constant hard work of our writers. So, today we are going to talk about the descriptive essay that is a significant part of your academic career

A descriptive essay is the one where you create an image in the mind of readers and paint a world with your words and sentences. You describe situations, place people, objects in a way that the audience can actually feel, sense, touch, hear, taste all that you have mentioned. Of course, it needs exceptional writing skills and that is where we step in. Here are a few steps to give you insight into how we will assist you with your descriptive essay:

Step 1: Brainstorm the ide

As soon as you fill in the form and mention your specifications, we will assign you a writer who will brainstorm a brilliant idea for your essay. He will think about the person, place, object, emotion that needs to be mentioned in the content to make your paper powerful and effective. He will create a compelling story that can hook the audience to your paper for long

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Step 2: List all the sensory details

The most crucial part of a descriptive essay is describing all the senses in a way that readers can relate to them and live all the emotions exactly how you have described them. Considering this, we make sure that we pay attention to all the five senses and list all the necessary details to leave a stronger impression on the audience. The writer jots down every detail possible relevant to the subject matter, depending on each sense.

Step 3: Write the essay

Once the writer is ready with all the details and specifications that he needs to write a well-described essay, he moves on to writing part. He prepares an outline, stating all the essential elements of introduction, body paragraph, thesis statement, conclusion. We focus on using metaphors, adjectives, similes to make it more effective.

Step 4: Conclude

Next, we head toward conclusion smoothly to avoid any rough flow while reading. This is the part where we tie all the factors together and summarize the entire essay. This is the final para that readers will go through, so our essay writing help providers make it powerful so that it can leave a strong impression on their mind

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Step 5: Review

Now, the paper is transferred to the quality assurance team that evaluates the quality of the content and check it for plagiarism, spelling slip-ups, grammatical errors, and technical flaws. After mutual consideration of writer and editors, final changes are done and soon after it is dispatched to be delivered to your doorstep within the stipulated time

After going through these steps, you might have realized why students entrust us with their essays. So, if you are also struggling with your college paper, it’s time to keep your worries at bay and seek the best college writing essay service from us. Get in touch with our team if you have any further queries.