A Step-by-step Guide to Proofreading Your Dissertation

One reason that most students seek dissertation writing services from us is that they lack proofreading and editings skills. Even after writing a detailed and well-researched paper, they end up scoring average marks as they ignore those little mistakes. If you have been struggling with the same situation in your college life, then it’s time to keep the worries at bay. We have prepared a few points that will guide you through the proofreading process. Follow them properly and you will have a top-notch paper and an impressive scorecard in your hand:

Start with taking a break

The first rule to proofread your paper is to take a break right after you complete the writing work. You need to relax a bit and take a break before you review your content. As you have worked on it for days and weeks, your mind gets too tired to catch any mistake or error. Once it gets relaxed and you feel fresh, you can come back to your paper to read it and find any mistakes. You will be able to judge your writing easily, such as whether you have missed a point or need to cut short a paragraph.

Use an online tool

You must have an idea about different software and websites that are helpful in proofreading and editing the document, such as Grammarly. These sites highlight all the grammatical, spelling and technical errors as soon as you upload your content. You can accept the ones that you think are relevant and ignore others. While offering dissertation writing help, our team of editors also uses online tools to ensure a flawless paper. However, do not rely on these apps completely and cross-check every recommendation that you come across.

Read out loud

Once you are done checking it on an online tool, it’s time to read it yourself. As we said that you cannot rely simply on these apps, you need to check it twice before going for final submission. Read the content loudly and slowly so that you can hear your own voice and identify the mistakes instantly. Also, you will get the idea of how the content and writing sound and if you think that a line doesn’t convey what you mean, then change it.

Ask someone to review it

It is difficult to find mistakes in one’s own work. That is why it is important to have a second and unbiased opinion. You can ask your friend or family member to read your paper and let you know all the mistakes that they find. They can also suggest a way to write sentences better to convey your thought clearly. Make sure that you select someone who is proficient at writing and knows all the details of academic papers. If you have no such person around, then you can seek assistance from our dissertation writing services team where we have employed expert writers and proofreaders.

Once the content is reviewed by you and an expert, just give it a final glance right before the submission. Remember, do not make any major changes in the end as it might increase your workload. We understand the importance of proofreading and editing and are always on toes to guide students. If you also get stuck at any point, simply get in touch with us for dissertation writing help and we assure you nothing less than an A grade paper.

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How to Pick a Dissertation Topic?

Are you choosing a topic for the first time? Have zero knowledge of dissertations? Read on for dissertation writing help.

What exactly is a dissertation?

By the end of a postgraduate degree program the students are asked to research a topic on a broader basis & present their findings in a written format known as a dissertation, also called thesis sometimes.

The examiner uses the write-up to identify the level of understanding the students has gained on the topic. Most of the students are assigned a supervisor who guides them in the selection of the topic, during their first draft and after the completion. The dissertation is submitted to the research committee of the college. Though, student are advised completing the write-ups on their own, dissertation writing services is a handy option for those who haven’t developed their writing skills.

A dissertation can be divided into three parts –


If you aren’t assigned a supervisor you’ll have to start everything from scratch. Before beginning with the dissertation you should write the proposal first. The lecturers who have expertise in the field will read it and decide whether the topic is worth your time. In case the proposal is disapproved you will have to pick another idea. Even if the lecturers don’t ask you to write a proposal, prefer writing because it services as an outline for the long dissertation.

Close to the deadline? Alternately, you can take dissertation writing help from the niche experts to excel in your thesis.

How to choose a topic for a dissertation?

While some of the students have a clear idea from the beginning of the topic others hardly know. You can choose a topic which is relevant to the syllabus & arouses curiosity in you. Below are some guidelines to help you select a good topic –

1.Check past year abstracts – Go through the abstracts of the top-rated dissertations. What is the question the author has answered? Can you add any different angle to them? Understand the intent and motivation of the author behind the research paper. Reading a few abstracts will help you in grasping the basics.

2. Discuss your topic with others – Along with your fellow classmates discuss the questions you have come up with to the lecturers. Their queries, opinions and comments will give you a new perspective on the subject.

3. Feasibility – Is it viable to perform research on the topic? The topic you choose should have the potential to be explored in detail. To write some of the papers you are required to attain practical knowledge. For example – If you are writing about the ill-effects of mining on the coal workers in the country, you might have to conduct a site visit. You should be willing to spend money on travelling expenses to complete the thesis.

4. Commitment – A thesis consists of a minimum of 50 pages and can reach a length or 250 pages. Therefore, the writer should have the internal motivation towards the topic till the end.

5. Sticking to one idea – Sometimes the students have several ideas in mind, picking a single one is challenging. You must focus in one direction to reduce the time spend on choosing the topic. Read some text and try to dive deeper into each of the topics, the one you find most fascinating to read is ideal for you to pick.

Both the internal and external examiners will value originality in the research paper. The idea that strikes you for the first time might have been explored by your seniors in past. Check the previously published paper, if your topic clashes with someone else, try to use an entirely different approach. You can also take help from dissertation writing services for coming up with a topic and polishing the thesis you have already written.

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5 Must-Avoid Mistakes While Writing Dissertation

Whether you are pursuing a Master’s degree or Ph.D., dissertation writing is an inevitable task during your academic career. It’s not only about writing a paper but submitting an impressive paper within the deadline that can score top grades. Of course, it is not as easy as it sounds in light of the fact that academic writing involves many elements from proficient knowledge to excellent writing skills to committing to deadlines to produce an original paper and more. That is why many students take dissertation writing help to get assured of high scores and flawless paper. However, there are some scholars who work on their college paper themselves and leave no stone unturned but still fail to achieve the success that they had dreamed of. Why? Because they are guilty of making some common mistakes unintentionally which affect their grades adversely. If you have to submit your paper soon and do not prefer to avail dissertation writing service, then here are 5 mistakes that you must avoid to get nothing less than an A grade:

Preliminary content is out of order

Your reviewer will first have a look at the preliminary pages which you attach before beginning the main text. It is the first impression of your dissertation and you need to careful while writing it. However, most students overlook its importance and write abstract and index hastily without even proofreading it. Have a look at some of the samples and templates before working on it. Format the text and pages correctly while working on initial pages. Summarize the subject and research in the abstract of a single page while taking care of the university guidelines.

Problem in formatting

A dissertation is a lengthy paper and you need weeks to complete it. In such cases, many students follow different formats and font styles throughout the paper, ignoring that standard formatting is what teachers want. Get familiar with the guidelines of your college if any and prepare a set format structure and follow it throughout the dissertation.

Violation of college guidelines

Be it word count, citation style, format, structure or preliminary pages, your college must have predefined guidelines that every student needs to follow while writing a dissertation. Any mistakes in abiding by the rules can cost you your grades. Therefore, ask your teacher and classmates about the rules that you need to follow and then make sure that you stick to them while working on your paper.

Wrong survey instrument

Research is the essence of your dissertation and one cannot neglect its importance. But sadly many students do and they adopt unreliable and inauthentic research methods to collect data and information. Needless to say that statistics that they get through these tools and sources are neither trustworthy nor give you the correct results. So, while doing research, make sure that you select the right survey mode and platforms.

Not listing the references

There will be numerous articles and books that you will consult while working on your dissertation. You might have to mention data and definitions in your paper that have already been published somewhere else. Well, there is nothing wrong about it but only if you cite the original source of the information. Scholars often skip referencing which tag their work as plagiarized and copied. One of the primary reasons to do so is that students are not aware of citation style followed by their college. If you also find yourself on the same wavelength, then it is better to take dissertation writing help than keeping your scores at stake.

If you find yourself guilty of any of these mistakes or have any further confusion with the points, we would suggest you seeking dissertation writing service from professional academic writers. They are adept at preparing top-notch paper within the stipulated time, ensuring grades that are second to none.

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5 Powerful Topics for Your Next Finance Assignment

When you are assigned a topic for your assignment, the beginning stage becomes quite easy for you as you know the direction that you have to move in. You are aware of the subject matter that you need to conduct your research on and jump directly to this step. However, things get tricky and complicated when you need to finalize your topic yourself. This is the responsibility that you have to abide by efficiently as the subject that you select has to be unique and new and also easy for you to comprehend. If you zero in on a difficult topic, then you might find it challenging to collect all the information about it and write an impressive paper about the concept. We understand that finalizing such a topic is not a cakewalk and many students seek finance assignment help from us for the idea. That is why we have listed 5 important and easy concepts for your finance paper. Take a look:

Public Finance

The name of this discipline is formed by the combination of two words ‘public’ and ‘finance.’ This implies the study of finance managed by government and its role in shaping the economy. It accesses the revenue, debt, and expenditure of the government and required adjustments to achieve the desired results. It also includes deficit financing, public borrowing, taxation, and budget.

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International Financial Management

Financial management deals with international financial transactions. We can also say that it is the monetary interactions between two or more countries. The subject includes the exchange of different currencies, imperfect markets, dissimilar political situations, and diversified opportunity sets along with currency exchange rates and foreign direct investment.

Foreign Exchange Market (FOREX)

Another interesting topic that you can select for your finance assignment is FOREX which stands for foreign exchange market. It is a global market or we can also say an over-the-counter market where people trade currencies. They are involved in selling, buying, speculating and exchanging currencies. These activities determine the exchange rate and the market comprises hedge funds, central banks, commercial companies, investors, investment management firms, and retail forex brokers.

Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management

These are two related concepts that you need to discuss together in your assignment. Portfolio management deals with making a decision regarding investment & policy, asset allocation, matching investments, and balancing risk against performance. One needs to evaluate risks, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Investment analysis is the key to strategize sound portfolio management and uses pst returns to predict future returns.


It is the protection of finances against risky situations to ensure a minimum loss. Here people are securing themselves from the impact of negative events by offsetting any chances of loss to the value of assets. It is like home insurance where you hedge yourself against break-ins, fire, and other unforeseen situations. This one is quite popular amongst students and they often take finance assignment help on this topic from our academic writers.

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So, next time when you are not assigned a topic for your college paper, need not fret about it. Go for any of these subjects, and ask our writing professionals to help you with your paper. You can be assured that with such experts at your service, you will score nothing less than an A grade.

4 Things to Keep in Mind While Writing the Final Dissertation Draft

The last milestone to one of your milestones in your academic career. Dissertation submission is never easy, no matter how well you have prepared yourself and your paperwork. Dissertation writing help services advise that any dissertation writer should have a time table in place if they want to get their final product right. Much-needed advice, but a rather generic one too. Experts at a top online assignment help services say that writing a dissertation has many technicalities attached to it. It is a process that needs every ounce of academic brilliance of the writer. And just like the whole process, the final stage, which is the submission of the final draft, needs it till the last drop. So here 4 tips that you should keep in mind before submitting the final draft of your dissertation.

Choose a Reference Management Software From the Start

Citing references is an important aspect of any technical paper, and a dissertation is one of them. And when it comes to listing references in it, nothing could do a better job than a reference management software. A reference management software automatically generates your reference list, while also allocating numbers to references from the same author/s in the same year

Check For Formatting Guidelines Provided by Your University

Instead of asking the previous students, which is not a bad option, you should try and refer to your university’s guidelines in case of any confusion. Universities have a code for everything when it comes to a dissertation. Like the font style, font size, spacing between paragraphs, and numbering of each page in a specific format.

Take Enough Time to Proofread

There is no such thing as “Enough proofreading” when it comes to submitting the final draft of a document like your dissertation. Dissertation writing help services many times advise students for giving at least a month to proofreading. As this is a practice done best when given enough and quiet time.

Write What You Want. Keep What is Needed

Editing is important for any piece of writing. Be it a book, journal, research paper, or a dissertation. Truman Capote, the famous American novelist and short-story writer, once said on the importance of editing: I’m all for the scissors. I believe more in the scissors than I do in the pencil. You might have thought at the time of writing that the words and data you are putting into your work is of utmost importance to the subject matter. But at the time of editing, according to academic writing professionals at online assignment help services, don’t restrain yourself from cutting out any part of your dissertation that makes it either too long or misses the point

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