Benefits & Drawbacks of Smart Classes

Benefits & Drawbacks of Smart Classes

Gone are the days when classes were simply restricted to blackboard and textbooks. Now, we can see the emerging trend of smart classes. Every second school is embracing this technology with open arms. If any of you is alien to this concept and wondering what is smart class, then here is your answer. It is the classroom where learning is made fun with the use of audio and video presentations and rather than a blackboard, teachers impart knowledge through smart boards. However, like everything in the world, it also comes with its negative points. Many experts are divided between the advantages and disadvantages of smart board in classroom. We also did our bit and this is what we concluded:

Benefits of Smart Classes

Anytime Access

As a student, you will realize how challenging it is to remember what has been taught in class. Once the lecture is over and you go back to your hostel room, you can hardly recall all that you have learned the same day in your lecture. Of course, you have made notes but they are illegible as you were writing too fast. Moreover, when you are absent, you have a hard time catching up with what you have missed that day. However, with smart classes, this problem can be easily solved as the content is available on the internet. You have access to the information and data anytime, anywhere. So, one of the most significant benefits of the smart classroom is that knowledge is not restricted to printed material.

Better Understanding

The traditional way of learning was blackboard and notebooks that you need to mug up for hours and days. Well, thanks to smart classes that we are introduced to smart boards that use graphics, pictures, videos and PowerPoint presentations to impart knowledge. With audio-video sessions and screenings, we can clearly witness engaging lectures. As we know that pictures are worth a thousand words. So, when students are taught using interesting images and videos, they tend to comprehend the concepts better and remember them for long. Another significant impact of smart classes in education is that now students don’t have to get distracted while making notes as they can have all the content through various online modes.

Engaging Classes

Another point in the list of smartboard advantages is that it ensures transparency and engaging lectures. While studying through images, videos and audios, students understand the topics better and ask more questions. This leads to discussions and interactions between professor and scholars, making classes engaging and interesting. So, all of you out there, you will be spared from boring lectures and have access to a personalized approach which will certainly improve their knowledge and grades. However, there is still one stumbling block to your success and that is your pending writing work. So, if you think that it can hamper your scores, then seek homework help from professionals.

Drawbacks Of Smart Classes

Technical Hiccups

We all know that technology obsolete with time and even a minor fault can take hours to get fixed. This will waste your valuable time of the lecture and also demand money. Eventually, teachers have to move back to the traditional way of teaching to complete the course on time. We need not say that this will hinder the pace of learning and distract students. So, our first point of negative effects of smartboard in the classroom is technical glitches which are quite common in the technology-based classrooms.

Costly Affair

Technology is evolving every day. No matter how latest tools and gadgets are installed in classes or how much school authorities pay to make the classrooms smart, they will have to shell out to make pace with technological advancement. This might cost a fortune at times and not all educational institutes are able to afford this expense. Of course, there will be cost to hire a permanent technologist who can look after the maintenance of study tools and smartboards. The price may exceed the annual budget and financial concerns may arise.

More Distractions

Schools and colleges are already dealing with the increasing use of mobile phones and other smart gadgets. Now, with smart classes, this challenge will only add to their misery to ensure discipline in class. It will be impossible for teachers and authorities to keep a check on the use of cellphones and to ensure whether students are using the gadgets for their entertainment or learning. Even if they are able to find an effective way, the chances are it will be lengthy, time-consuming and expensive. If you think such distractions are affecting your writing task, then you can take homework assignment help from expert academic writers.

Every good thing comes with a price and technology is no exception to it. Of course, it has made learning easier and we have witnessed some major revolutions in the field. However, we are also facing the negative impacts which are tough to deal with. There are several concerns that one has to think about before adopting technology in the classroom. With wise decision and detailed research, we are sure that educational institutes can make a rational choice.

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